This summer the University of the Azores offers you a unique opportunity to embrace the nature and lifestyle of the Azores Islands as you improve your Portuguese language performance and learn about our geological features and hazards. These may be the most exciting European Credits (ECTS) you’ll ever get.

Applications are open until May 12th.

Apply for the summer course on “Geological Hazards” and experience first hand through classes and field trips the geological phenomena that shape our volcanic islands and learn how to understand nature and deal with its risks. Classes will take place from June 10th to the 28th. Tuition is sponsored by Santander Bank.

Apply for the summer course on “Portuguese as a Foreign Language: Level A1” to brush up your Portuguese skills – or learn it from scratch. Take the opportunity to travel to the language’s native country and surround yourself with locals speaking the 6th most common language in the world. PFL classes will last from June 3rd to the 28th.

Learn more about the syllabi, application proceedures and other relevant information at

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